JI Announcements

To Apply for Financial Aid click here

Assalamualaikum JI Family!

Insha’Allah you all are doing well and having a wonderful summer break! Fall semester is around the corner and we have some exciting announcements!



Insha’Allah, registration will open August 17th, 2020. Flyers, course information, registration form are all on the website. Check out our updated website for more information: 


Gmail & Google Classroom:

Classes will be conducted via Google Classroom beginning fall semester. Please register with a gmail account when you sign up for courses. If you do not have a gmail account please click here to create one. To learn more about Google Classroom please click here for watching the training videos.


Course Payments:

To those who are enrolled in direct deposit for course payments: I wanted to share with you all that we will be accepting forms of payment for the courses through the website. Please register and pay for all courses on the website. for registration: click here 


Financial Aid:

Financial aid applications are due September 7th, 2020. The application can be found on our website : click here 


For more information, please visit our FAQ page