Arabic Review: Basic Nahw And Sarf

Arabic Review: Basic nahw and sarf


Course Description:
This is an intermediate level review course going over basic nahw and regular sarf topics. This course will also start building skills for reading without vowels. Previous knowledge of the basic grammar and morphology of Arabic words and sentences will be revised. The topics to be covered in a review format are:


  • Study of the ism, fi’l, and harf
  • Sentence fragments
  • Ism-based sentences
  • Fi’l-based sentences
  • Negating sentences
  • Regular Sarf
  • Review of the above concepts and application with reading without vowels


This course, inshaAllah will solidify the fundamental theories of nahw and regular sarf, with tools to start reading and translating arabic text ultimately, to bring you closer to understanding the word of Allah. This course aims to prepare students to pursue higher level Arabic studies with confidence.


The format of this class is a lecture-style presentation with in-class practice and homework application. This is an interactive course so students are expected to participate and be active in their learning. There will be homework assigned regularly. The classes will be conducted via Zoom. Students will be able to engage with the teacher and students beyond the lesson within Google Classroom and Telegram. A textbook, homework and recordings of the class will be made available.. Further information will be provided after registration.


Please note that students will be required to fill out an assessment before registering for this course. This can be completed by clicking on the ‘apply’ button below.


Students must have already studied Level One Nahw and Level One Sarf, as this is not a beginner level class.
New students who have not attended a previous Arabic course with Jannah Institute are welcome to register, based on fulfilling the prerequisites.

Course Price


5.5 hrs/week

Course Instructor: Ustadha Faiza Khan
Course Dates: Classes begin June 14th, 2021
Course Time: Monday to Wednesday 11 am - 12:30 pm CST, Thursday 11 - 12 pm CST
Course Duration: 10 weeks course