Arabic Grammar: Advanced Sarf



Course Description:
In this course we will continue our study of Sarf by covering Sarf irregularities, i.e. when one or more of the three root letters is a vowel.


In order to make the most of this course, students must have a good grasp of regular sarf. Prior knowledge of Nahw is not required but an understanding of the basics of sentence structure is strongly recommended.


The format of this class is a lecture-style presentation with in-class practice and homework application. This is an interactive course so students are expected to participate and be active in their learning. There will be homework assigned regularly. The classes will be conducted via Zoom. Students will be able to engage with the teacher and students beyond the lesson within Google Classroom and Telegram. A textbook, homework and recordings of the class will be made available.Further information will be provided after registration.


Students will be provided with a Sarf Textbook and Sarf Workbook (PDF) tp use in class and for homework.


3 hrs/week

Arabic Grammar: Advanced Sarf

Course Instructor: Ustadha Faiza Khan
Course Dates: Classes begin Sept 13, 2021
Course Time: Monday & Wednesday, 11AM -12:30PM CST
Course Duration: 12 weeks