Review Hifdh of Juz 26-30

Review Hifdh of Juz 26-30


Course Description:
This is a continuing advanced course for students that have already memorized Juz 26-30. This is an advanced class where students will be expected to review up to 10 pages per week and be tested regularly. This course will also look into similar verses, mind maps and tips to strengthen the memorization of these 5 ajzaa.


Students should already have memorized Juz 26-30 and be able to recite with fluency and correct application of tajweed rules.


This class will be conducted using Zoom and Google Classroom, with a Whatsapp group with the teacher. All incoming new students may be subject to an interview process to assess their preparedness for this course. Further information will follow after registration.

Class is full ..


2 hrs/week

Review Hifdh of Juz 26-30

Course Instructor: Hafidha Lina Saffour
Course Dates: Classes begin Sept 15, 2021
Course Time: Wednesday, 1:00-3:00 PM CST
Course Duration: 12 weeks