Tajweed Level 1 (for Beginners)

Tajweed Level 1


(for Beginners)


Course Description:
In this course students will be introduced to the study of tajweed with a focus on the articulation points of the Arabic letters (makhaarij) and rules of noon sakinah and tanween. Students will learn to apply these concepts/rules through focused recitation practice of Surah al-Mumtahina to Surah al-Taghabun. It has been narrated from the Prophet ﷺ that “The one who is proficient with the Qur’an will be with the noble and righteous scribes (the angels), and the one who reads it and stumbles over it, finding it difficult, will have two rewards.” [Ibn Majah – Sahih]


Students should be able to identify Arabic letters and recite the Quran at a basic level. The correct pronunciation and application of tajweed rules is not required.


This class will be conducted using Zoom and Google Classroom, with a Whatsapp group with the teacher. Further information will follow after registration.


Tajweed Rules of the Quran Part 1 By Shaykha Kareema Czerepinski


4 hrs/week

Tajweed Level 1 (for Beginners)

Course Instructor: Ustadha Nezha Khechoubi
Course Dates: Classes begin Sept 14, 2021
Course Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00-11:00 AM CST
Course Duration: 12 weeks