Musa’s (AS) Mountains

Loving & Living  The Quran – Series for the Youth (Boys): Musa’s (AS) Mountains


Course Description:
Challenges are a part of life. Whether young or old, believers or non-believers, closest to or the farthest away from Allah ; everyone will be tested at some point in their lives. Allah says: Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried? (Al-Ankabut:2) In fact, the people who were tested the most were the prophets. In this course, we will be going through the story of Prophet Musa (عليه السلام) as it is the most frequently mentioned story in the Qur’an. We will study various surahs in the Quran to understand how Musa’s (عليه السلام) life, from infancy to becoming a prophet and a spiritual leader of his people, was full of mountains of trials and tribulations, which he had to overcome. We will learn from the story of Musa (عليه السلام) that obstacles and failures are a part of life. Simultaneously, we will also learn the promise of Allah ; that every hardship comes with ease and every challenge comes with a solution. Finally, we will learn that the most fundamental lesson: believing firmly in Allah is the only way we can navigate through these mountains.


Age: 11 – 15 years old Boys


The sessions will be conducted via Zoom and Google Classroom. Students will be able to engage with the teacher, TA and students beyond the lesson within Google Classroom and a Whatsapp group. Weekly notes and recordings of the class will be available. Please note the recordings for this class will be accessed via Vimeo. Further information will be provided after registration.

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1 hr/week

Loving & Living The Quran - Series for the Youth (Boys): Musa's (AS) Mountains

Course Instructor: Dr Haifaa Younis
Course Dates: Classes begin Sept 26, 2021
Course Time: Sunday, 12:00-1:00 PM CST
Course Duration: 8 weeks