Fiqh of Salah

Fiqh of Salah


Course Description:
‘The first thing about which the people will be called to account out of their actions on the Day of Judgment is prayer. Our Lord, the Exalted, will say to the angels – though He knows better: Look into the prayer of My servant and see whether he has offered it perfectly or imperfectly. If it is perfect, that will be recorded perfect. If it is defective, He will say: See there are some optional prayers offered by My servant. If there are optional prayer to his credit, He will say: Compensate the obligatory prayer by the optional prayer for My servant. Then all the actions will be considered similarly. [Sunan abi Dawud, Sahih]


Understanding how to perform prayer in the most correct and complete manner is fundamental knowledge for all Muslims. This is a comprehensive beginners course about the practical rulings of prayer. This course will aim to consider all schools of thought and will provide conclusions based on the Sunnah. Some of the topics included in this course are:


    • Conditions for prayer, such as intention, covering, and direction
    • Disliked and allowable acts in prayer
    • Prostration for missed acts in prayer and the prostration of Quran recitation
    • Non obligatory prayers, such as the night prayer, the early-noon prayer and voluntary congregational prayer (taraweeh)
    • The prayer of decision making (salat al-istikharah)
    • Virtuous times for remembrance
    • Funeral rites and prayers


The format of this class is a lecture-style presentation with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. The course reading is ‘A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence’ By Dr. Salih al-Fawzan. There will be a coursebook provided. This class will be conducted using Zoom and Google Classroom. Please note the recordings for this class will be accessed via Vimeo. Further information will follow after registration.

Course Price


1 hr/week

Course Instructor: Shaykha Ayshah Wazwaz
Course Dates: Classes begin June 17th, 2021
Course Time: Thursday 11 am - 12 pm CST
Course Duration: 10 weeks course