Instructor biographies

Dr. Haifaa Younis - Founding Board Member & Instructor

Dr. Haifaa Younis is an American Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist with roots from Iraq. Her pursuit of Islamic knowledge initiated when she began to study with various Islamic scholars from across the United States while she simultaneously attended individual courses and lectures on subjects including Aqeeda, Fiqh, usual Fiqh, Hadeeth, and Tazkiyah (purification of the soul). From the United States, she moved to Saudi Arabia where she graduated from the Mecca Institute of Islamic Studies (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) and Al-Huda Qur’an Memorization School (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) where she completed the memorization of the Qur’an. She is the founder and Chairman of Jannah Institute and currently teaches seminars on the thematic commentary of various chapters of the Holy Qur’an and their practical relevance in our day-to-day living. Additionally, she offers retreats on key topics that inspire hearts, combining the inner essence of Islam with an outward expression of practice. Dr. Haifaa is passionate about spreading the word of Allah (SBW) and igniting the love of Islam and the Qur’an through her teachings.

Sheikha Rabeyah Shad

Sheikha Rabeyah Shad moved to Saudi Arabia as an infant where she was raised in a traditional and conservative home in Jeddah. Her journey with the Qur’an began at a very young age. She studied tajweed at Al Huda Qur’an Memorization School (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) under Sheikha Kareema Czerepinski and simultaneously finished memorizing the Qur’an at age 20.
She continued her higher education in Qur’an and obtained the highest available certificate in Qur’an teaching: an ijazah (certificate in the recitation of the Qur’an from memory) in Hafs by way of Ash-Shaatibiyyah followed by Hafs by Tareeq at-Tayyibah. She memorized and studied the Shaatibiyyah and Durrah poems, and then completed an ijazah (certificate in the recitation of the Qur’an from memory) in the ten Qira’aat from Sheikha Kareema Czerepinski.
She has years of teaching experience and is dedicated to spread awareness of proper Qur’an recitation in the Muslim Ummah; promoting the love of Qur’an among our mothers and instilling it in the lives of our children, collectively striving to realize the Prophet’s words, “the best among you is who learns the Qur’an and teaches it”. Allah, the Almighty, graced her with knowledge and is dedicated to sharing it by teaching women in her onsite classes in Saint Louis, Missouri to her online class where she hopes to teach women from across the world.

Ustadha Rana Kaziz- Pearls & Weekend Instructor

Ustadha Rana has been teaching at Jannah Institute since 2013 and has successfully graduated more than 13 hafizat from the Jannah Institute Pearls Program (hifdh program for young girls). She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at the Syrian University in Damascus. She memorized the Qur’an in Beirut, Lebanon with Shaykha Nahed Khalil Mohammad Khattab and received her ijazah (certification) of recitation in the way of Hafs’ an ‘Asim from the highest authority of Qur’an memorization in Syria: Shaykh Muhyee ad Deen AlKurdi and since, has taught Qur’an with tajweed and Al -Jazariyya for the last 11 years. She loves teaching the Qur’an and is filled with joy when her students move forward in their Qur’an pronunciation or memorization. She feels that it is essential for every woman to dedicate time to improve her spiritual life by learning the Qur’an and other Islamic knowledge, which are essential for her and her family. As a mother of five, she can relate how to balance between her duties as a mother, wife and her pursuit of knowledge in preparation for the Day of Judgement.

Ustadha Shaista Ahmad - Itqaan & Weekend Instructor

Ustadha Shaista was born in Karachi, Pakistan and currently lives in Saint Louis, Missouri where she is a medical physician. In the pursuit to learn the Qur’an, she enrolled in various online courses to begin her journey. She enrolled at Jannah Institute where her passion for tajweed began. She completed three years of Itqaan Tajweed courses at Jannah Institute and graduated with the highest scores than other students since the establishment of Jannah Institute.
As a mother, she understands the importance of Islamic knowledge and the positive effect it possesses in her home, and the lives of her children. She is passionate about teaching the Qur’an and enhancing the love of the Qur’an in the hearts of women in the community.