Islamic Moral Conduct for Girls

Islamic Moral Conduct for Girls


Course Description:

In this course, we will carry on with our Study of “Forty Hadith on Good Moral Value” textbook, continuing from Chapter 12: ‘Hadith of Contentment’. The classes will be very interactive and in every class, each student will present a summary from their daily lives, demonstrating how they put into practice what they learned in the previous class. Then the other students will offer constructive feedback on how the incident(s) could have been dealt in a more effective way. Finally, the class will study the chapter of the week and the students will discuss as a group how they can implement it in their daily lives.

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Course Instructor: Dr. Haifaa Younis
Course Dates: 18th Sept - 18th Dec 2020
Course Time: Friday, 5pm - 6pm CST
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Pre-Requisites: None
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Course Syllabus

Class Timings:

Friday, 5pm – 6pm CST. Use the Time Zone Converter to find your local time:

Course Materials:

All registered students will receive a Student Planner and a summary of each class prior to the class. Students are also advised to take their own notes.

Class Recordings:

Recordings of classes will be made available to all registered students at the end of each class and students will have access for 6 months, following the last day of the class.

Optional Textbooks

Student Expectations:

Students are highly encouraged to attend classes live, however we understand that sometimes, circumstances do not permit this. Each week, there will be mandatory homework, which the student must complete and bring to class in order that they become accustomed to the sayings of Rasool Allah . They will be required to summarize the hadith of the week and outline one – three incidents from their week where they were able to implement the moral character they learned and explain how and why they decided this was the most suitable course of action.

Technical Requirements:

Classes will be held on Google Classroom. More details will be sent after registration.

What you will need?

A computer or tablet with high-speed internet access

Headphones and a microphone (using an internal/built-in microphone from your device)

All resources provided to students are a trust (amana) and should not be shared or copied for others. More questions? Please visit our FAQ page