Memorize Surah an-Nisa to Surah al-Maidah

Memorize Surah an-Nisa to Surah al-Maidah


Course Description:
This is a continuing advanced course for students that are already memorising Surah al-Nisa. In this course students will be memorizing Surah an-Nisa to Surah al-Maidah, with a brief explanation of the meaning of the verses from the instructor.


Students will recite and memorize the surah with proper tajweed, as well as learn its meaning, and are expected to learn one new page each week in addition to reviewing eight pages. Students are expected to attend class on time and dedicate time to perfecting the recitation of the page. Students must listen to the page for homework as many times as it takes to be able to do it with no mistakes. Classes will be held online on Zoom and students will have access to a Whatsapp group. More information will be provided after registration.


This Surah makes mention of ‘an-Nisa’, the women, more than any other surah of the Qur’an, with many rulings regarding women and family life. Rights and responsibilities as outlined by Allah swt, this surah will equip you with the correct knowledge and confidence in your daily matters, inshaAllah.


Mandatory Prerequisite:
Students should be able to recite with fluency and already be memorizing Surah an-Nisa. Please ensure this prerequisite is met before enrolment as refunds will not be issued for late withdrawals of class.

Course Price


2 hrs/week

Course Instructor: Hafidha Rana
Course Dates: Class begins June 12th, 2021
Course Time: Saturday 8 - 10 am CST
Course Duration: 10 weeks course