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Living Taqwa Bundle


“But the ultimate end fruit is only for Taqwa.” [Quran 20:132]

Taqwa is the awareness of Allah (swt), permeating every cell and reflected in every breath of a Muttaqi (one who lives Taqwa). It is a lonely path of strenuous struggle against the calls of one’s base self, amidst a world lost heedless in the pursuits of desire. This journey is lightened by knowing and tasting the inspiring and heart lifting fruits of Taqwa – fruits experienced in this world and the hereafter.

In the “Fruits of Taqwa” series, Dr. Haifaa Younis enumerates eighteen such sweet fruits that helps one to continue to live in Taqwa, thought word and deed, regardless of the norms of his/her environment.

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