Prophetic stories in the Quran (5-8 years)

Prophetic stories in the Quran

(5-8 years)


Course Description:
Stories are the best way to learn, and this course is full of the best stories about the best people, our Prophets, upon all of them be peace. In this course, students will learn about the lives of the Prophets (upon them be peace) and the stories of the Quran. Students will go on a journey to discover the events that happened, and how they can connect, remember and apply those lessons to their daily lives.


This course will be following ‘My First Quran Storybook’ by Saniyasnain Khan, and each lesson students will be reading through the chapter, learning the duas and having discussion time. Students will be encouraged to keep a diary of gems and reflections of how the lessons from class can be applied to their lives, by writing or drawing pictures.


The class will be conducted via Zoom and Google Classroom. Please note the recordings for this class will be accessed via Vimeo. Further information will be provided after registration. This class is open to young girls and boys ages 5-8.

Course Price


1 hr/week

Course Instructor: Ustadha Aatiya
Course Dates: Classes begin June 13th, 2021
Course Time: Sunday 10 - 11 am CST
Course Duration: 10 weeks course