Memorizing the Quran 3

Memorizing the Quran 3


Course Description:

During this fall semester, we will explore the meanings and rules of Surat Al-Noor thoroughly, learn its proper recitation, and memorize it. Students are expected to memorize up to a page of Surat Al-Noor every week and revise ayas memorized in previous sessions. Classes will be held online on Google Classroom. More information will be provided after registration.

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Course Instructor: Rana Kuzeiz
Course Dates: 16th Sept – 20th Dec 2020
Course Time: Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm CST
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Pre-Requisites: Fluent recitation
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Course Syllabus

Class Timings:

Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm CST. Use the Time Zone Converter to find your local time:

Course Materials:

The Holy Quran.

Class Recordings:

Recordings of classes will not be available.

Student Expectations:

Students are highly encouraged to attend classes consistently, however we understand that sometimes, circumstances do not permit this.

Technical Requirements:

Classes will be held on Google Classroom. More details will be sent after registration.

What you will need?

A computer or tablet with high-speed internet access

Headphones and a microphone (using an internal/built-in microphone from your device)

All resources provided to students are a trust (amana) and should not be shared or copied for others. More questions? Please visit our FAQ page