Memorizing the Quran 4

Memorizing the Quran 4


Course Description:

In this course, we will continue our journey on Quran memorization. Specifically, we will work on memorization of juzz 22 and 23 of the Holy Quran. Some tips and meanings of the verses will be provided to help in memorization. In every class, each student will have certain time to recite.

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Course Instructor: Lina Saffour
Course Dates: 14th Sept – 16th Dec 2020
Course Time: Monday & Wednesday, 9am – 11am CST
Course Duration: 14 weeks
Pre-Requisites: Tajweed rules in theory and in practice
Advance class with advance paste, few spots lefts ..

Course Syllabus

Class Timings:

Monday & Wednesday, 9am – 11am CST. Use the Time Zone Converter to find your local time:

Course Materials:

The Holy Quran.

Class Recordings:

Recordings of classes will not be available.

Student Expectations:

Students are highly encouraged to attend classes consistently, however we understand that sometimes, circumstances do not permit this.

Technical Requirements:

Classes will be held on Google Classroom. More details will be sent after registration.

What you will need?

A computer or tablet with high-speed internet access

Headphones and a microphone (using an internal/built-in microphone from your device)

All resources provided to students are a trust (amana) and should not be shared or copied for others. More questions? Please visit our FAQ page