Retreat FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: ​​


2019 Purification of the Heart (Tazkiyah) Women’s Retreat

Below you will find a list of questions followed by answers about the upcoming Tazkiyah retreat on October 25th-October 27th. For more questions, please email

Q: When and where is the retreat? 

A: The retreat will be held from  Friday afternoon, October 25th to Sunday afternoon, October 27th, 2019 in the picturesque, forest-covered hills and a private lake located in Missouri’s eastern Ozarks. The address is 13528 State Highway AA | Potosi, MO 63664. For more information, visit the Trout Lodge’s website here.


Q: What types of activities are offered at the retreat?

A: The weekend retreat offers an excellent opportunity for Muslims to experience a unique Islamic Retreat to purify one’s soul. Spiritual activities will include enlightening teaching in addition to pragmatic learning and practice, under the guidance of Dr. Haifaa Younis prayer and dhikr. Outdoor activities will include reflection surrounded by the beauty of Allah’s creations such as hiking, archery (sunnah), boat rides (weather permitted), bonfire Q&A and more. 


Q: What will I learn at the retreat?

A: Sessions will cover what the diseases of the nafs (soul) and qalb (heart) are and how to strive to change the state of our hearts and become closer to Allah. Throughout the retreat stay, ibadah (worship), fikr (contemplation and reflection) and dhikr (remembrance) will be highly emphasized. During the duration of your stay, you will be centered around the beauty of Allah’s creation, reflect on the spiritual focus that surrounds us and the pleasure that comes with taqwa (consciousness) of Allah through a rewarding spiritual experience.


Q: Is transportation included? 

A: Transportation may be arranged. Please write on the registration that you will need to carpool and Jannah Institute will arrange a ride for you. Please inform Jannah Institute as soon as possible if you need a ride.


Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: Please indicate on the registration form that you are in need of financial assistance and you will be contacted by Jannah Institute soon after.


Q. Are children allowed to come to the retreat? 

A: No children are allowed at the Tazkiyah retreat. All attendees must be 16 or older.


Q: Are refunds available? 

A: This is a special retreat that includes meals and stay accommodations, therefore we need a confirmed list of attendees. That means that we cannot accommodate refunds.  However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, you would be required to find someone to take your spot.


Q:What does the all inclusive price include? 

A: The price includes lodging (three people in each room), outdoor activities (hiking, boating, archery, bonfire, and more), meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during your stay and study material.


Q: What does the one-day pass option include? 

A: The one-day pass option includes the scheduled activities for that day, study material and only one meal of choice. You may purchase additional meals separately at the front desk of the Trout Lodge center.


Q: How far away is the retreat from STL?

A: The retreat is approximately 75 miles  (1.5-hour drive) from Dar Ul Islam Masjid. For directions, click here.


Q: Can I choose my who I room with? 

A: Room assignments are made by Jannah Institute. All requests must be emailed to with a valid reason for request at least one week prior (October 18).


Q: Can my family stay with me at the retreat?  

A: A retreat is an opportunity to step outside of your day-to-day life and strive to become closer to Allah through a Tazkiyah experience. Therefore, it is best for individuals to be able to focus on scheduled retreat activities.   For those who would like to invite their family to join them during the retreat stay, they may book accommodations separately. 


Q: Can I book a room with my family but purchase the one-day pass?  

A: Again, a retreat is an opportunity to step outside your day-to day life and indulge yourself in a Tazkiyah experience. You may book accommodations with your family but also purchase one-day passes to the retreat for each day you participate. 


Q: What should I bring to the retreat?

A: Please click here for a list of items you are suggested to bring.


Q: How do I sign up for a retreat?

A: Sign up online here.


More questions? No problem. Please email additional questions to